Stadium Kantrida

Stadium Kantrida

Stadium Kantrida is situated on the westernmost side of the City of Rijeka, in the Primorsko – goranska County, Republic of Croatia. Surrounded by the sea shore and high cliffs, the stadium represents the sports arena which is unique by surrounding, beauty and atmosphere. It is the football home of the first league Croatian football club HNK „Rijeka“.

After one century of tradition of sports competition held on the existing location, in front of the Croatian footbal club of Rijeka, who is a member of the Dutch Foundation Social Sport, and the City of Rijeka, who together make one business unit under the name of Stadion Kantrida d.o.o., there is a period of investment into the new sports facility, training camp and accompanying contents which meet the highest infrastructure standards and the criterion of competitions in which the Croatian football club „Rijeka“ participates..

„The energy on the stadium is magical. I am glad I can be a part of this atmosphere, even though I am not from Rijeka I feel that I belong. I can thank for this to Damir and to the job he did. How the slogan says – Together we are Rijeka!“ G.V.

„The building of the stadium and of the training camp is another in the series of steps on a successful path. We create a new home for players, supporters, all the citizens of Rijeka, and wider… let’s go to build the memories for the future on the new stadium!“ D.M.

„The stadium is seen as a modern AGORA, meeting point not only on the day of the game, but 7 days in a week; a place to be, with a variety of services.“ G.Z.


Stadion Kantrida d.o.o. has engaged one of the leading European and world architects specialized for football stadiums Mr. Gino Zavanella for architectural design solutions. As the authority in the professional community, top expert of rich experience, known to football audience mostly through the project of the building of the Juventus stadium on which today is played the final game of the UEFA League. Besides Juventus, Gino Zavanella has designed: ….

“We want the stadium of Rijeka to be unique, safe and confortable, where the supporter is really going to feel as the twelfth player, where the day of the game is going to be a special celebration day for everyon, where various services of high quality are going to be offered (restaurants, games, culture of free time)“ G.Z.

In order to adapt the ideas of the architect Zavanella to the specifics of the unique location of Kantrida, a team of top architects of Rijeka, ZDL arhitekti, was engaged, led by the architect Siniša Zdjelar.

“It is an exceptional honor and privilege for me as an architect, and especially as Rijeka citizen, the chance I got for working on the project of the new stadium of Kantrida. Knowing the citizens of Rijeka, I’m sure that they will add to the new outfit of the stadium the special experience of the atmosphere, we’re all proud of. Coming to Kantrida is going to become even more special experience!” S.Z.

The wish of the investors is to make on Kantrida the new zone of top sport, recreation and fun, which is going to live 365 days a year adn which is going to become a new tourist attraction of the City of Rijeka. Moreover, our goal is to sell all the tickets for the games, and that most of the seats would be taken on the beginning of the season by the members and owners of yearly ticket packages for the games of HNK Rijeka.



  • The new stadium is going to have approx. 14.000 roofed seats
  • Metting the standars of the UEFA category 4
  • Garage under the bleachers for disabled persons, V.I.P. visitors, sponsors and media
  • Enabled access to the disabled persons
  • Highest safety standards
  • The most modern technical solutions (lightning, sound system)
  • Top working conditions for media and TV broadcasting
  • High level of equipment for players, coaches, referees, delegates…
  • Approx. 3.000 seats for V.I.P. visitors and sponsors
  • Approx. 1.000 family seats
  • Approx. 4.000 seats for most loyal supporters
  • Fan shops
  • Catering contents
  • Multifunctional contents which are going to be used even when there are no games (conferences, presentations, ceremonial receptions, weddings, birthday celebrations…)

Traffic connections and significant locations nearby the stadium:

  • 6 airports in radius from 20 to 200 km (Airport of Rijeka – Krk, Airport of Pleso – Zagreb, Airport of Pula – Pula, Airport of Friuli Venezia Giulia – Triest, Airport Marco Polo – Venezia, Airport Brnik – Ljubljana)
  • Connection by sea with the Mediterranean from the Terminal of Rijeka
  • Proximity to a number of tourist destinations and attractive locations
  • Wide range of hotel accommodation in the region
  • High quality gastronomy offer
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