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60 years of the name Rijeka

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History is long and interesting, and it is such that it makes every supporter of Rijeka feel proud. It lasts since one hot July night in 1946.  After the horrors of the Second World War, along with the present debt of the legendary Fiumana two dozen people discussed the future of Rijeka football. The conclusion was – establishing a new society. This is how Kvarner was created – the precursor of NK Rijeka.

The team started in grand style as in the first game on August 1 in 1946 in front of  6000 spectators they defeated Hajduk 2:0. According to the rules of the then Football Association, Kvarner immediately plays the qualifications for the First League, defeats the team Unione Sportiva Operaia from Pula and the history began. But Kvarner really did not last for long – only for eight years…

And in this pioneering period, there was a lot of wandering through the leagues and the competition systems, and wandering from Kantrida to Omladinsko igralište. After a difficult and exhausting season, season loaded and financial problems – the club undertook a new step. At the Extraordinary General Meeting club changed its name to Rijeka – a name which the club still proudly wears. It happened on today’s day, June 3rd 1954 in the Transjug hall in front of about 300 assembled.

Since then exactly 60 years have passes. These are the years. Beautiful, exciting, memorable … There were ups and downs, but the whole torrent of Rijeka’s  positive, fascinating and stellar moments are remembered.

In 1958 Rijeka comes back to the First League. Osojnak, Naumović Medle, Veselica and others before 17,000 spectators against Napredak on Kantrida celebrate the entry into the society of the best. The number of spectators on Kantrida is growing these years, these  season was rarely less than 10,000 people in the stands. The seed which has linked the club and the fans has been planted and the thread would never be broken. This was followed by the first performances of Rijeka representatives (and later at the World Championships; Pero Radaković), the first European performances (Rappan and Intertoto Cup), fall, and return to the First League in 1974. Year, after which there was no more falling out. The first trophies (Cup 78 ‘and 79’), the first performances in the Super Cup and UEFA Cup, hundreds of memorable games, hundreds of goals for memory, millions of spectators with Rijeka…

Until today, when the new Rijeka lives the best season in its history.

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