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Stadion HNK Rijeka na popisu deset zadivljujućih stadiona na svijetu

Stadion Kantrida, Trening kamp |

Stadion Hrvatskog nogometnog kluba Rijeka na Rujevici našao je svoje mjesto na popisu deset zadivljujućih stadiona na svijetu u izboru španjolskog lista AS.

Rujevica se tako našla na popisu uz impresivne stadione na Islandu, Portugalu, Andorri, Kanarskim otocima, Gibraltaru, Alžiru, Meksiku i Srbiji.

Fotografija na popisu stadiona prikazuje predivan pogled sa zapadne tribine stadiona HNK Rijeka uz kvarnerski zaljev u pozadini.

Cijeli popis pogledajte ovdje

Djelatnici tvrtke Poljo Posavec posjetili kamp HNK Rijeka

Stadion Kantrida, Trening kamp |

Djelatnici tvrtke Poljo Posavec d.o.o. posjetili su kamp Hrvatskog nogometnog kluba Rijeka na Rujevici. Naime, tvrtka Poljo Posavec d.o.o je u suradnji s izraelskom tvrtkom ICL, organizirala seminar o sjemenu i gnojivima za travnjake za okućnice, sportske i golf terene, s osvrtom na Mediteran.

Seminar je održan u Opatiji 28. studenog uz predavače s velikim iskustvom u sektoru održavanja travnjaka.

U sklopu seminara, u suradnji s djelatnicima koji rade na održavanju terena HNK Rijeka, organiziran je posjet trening kampu na Rujevici.

Nakon kratkog predavanja u pressu kojega je održao Dražen Kalac, voditelj tehničke službe Stadiona Kantrida, naši gosti, u pratnji Barbare Zanelli, glavnog agronoma Stadiona Kantrida, obišli su travnjake kampa HNK Rijeka stekavši uvid u njihovo održavanje, te opreme koja se koristi za isto.

A dream come true, CFC Rijeka opened its training camp

Grad Rijeka, Trening kamp |

A long-time dream became reality on Thursday when Croatian Football Club Rijeka officially opened the doors of its new camp which many generations of Rijeka citizens have been eagerly awaiting. At 18:00 PM and after ten months of work, the new camp opened its doors to fans who got an opportunity to see HNK Rijeka’s new home. Everyone who loves Rijeka had their hearts full of joy – fans, football players, and the general public were eagerly awaiting this new edifice.

A ball rolled through the main field of Rijeka’s stadium. Morettos had the honour of running on the field first – the youngest age group which was lucky enough to welcome a building such as this in their own city and for their own club. Next came the pioneers, cadets, juniors, and the first squad.

In the afternoon, the stands started to slowly fill up, and as they were filling up, the excitement slowly grew. Everyone wanted to touch the lawn of the new stadium at least for a second; to take a photo in memory of a day that will be written in golden letters in the books of Rijeka’s club.

The arrival of the players and Matjaž Kek, along with the coaching staff, was a special moment. They were joined by the Chairman Damir Mišković, as the fans applauded enthusiastically. As the evening progressed, the atmosphere became more relaxed and it seemed like both the players and the fans already got used to the new stadium which shone in the limelight.

Celebrating its 70th year, Rijeka got a new home. The opening of the camp was like a birthday present for the Club which, in those moments, wrote some of the most beautiful pages in its history.

Gabriele Volpi at the construction site of the training camp

Trening kamp |

On Sunday, Gabriele Volpi, the Honorary Chairman of CFC Rijeka, accompanied by the Chairman of CFC Rijeka Damir Mišković and the Vice-chairman Dean Šćulac, visited the construction site of the future training camp and a back-up stadium for CFC Rijeka. Opširnije… »

The president of CFF visited the construction site

Trening kamp |

The President of the Croatian Football Federation  Davor Šuker has visited the construction site of the future training camp of the HNK Rijeka, and during his visit has announced a significant financial support to the project. 

Five member reception committee comprised the vice president of the Croatian Football Club Rijeka Dean Šćulac,  Head of the Department of Sports and Technical Education of the City of Rijeka Igor Načinović, Presidentof the City Council Dorotea Pešić Bukovac and Miroslav Uljan, president of the  Croatian Football Federation for the County Primorsko-goranska, and the secretary Ivan Peraić.

CFF  donates one million Euro for the construction project 

In addition to providing support throughout the project, and praise to Rijeka as a positive example of creating quality requirements for training of all generations, and the first team, creating the infrastructure of the stadium for the match play, before a large audience of Rijeka, during the visit was announced the investment of CFF in the construction project in the amount of one million euro.

The investment is based on earlier inaugurated initiative for creating of a center in Zagreb and regional centers throughout Croatia. Rijeka becomes a regional center in which to invest the funds to build infrastructure in order to achieve the required quality conditions for the development of young players, which is the main goal of the construction project.

Rijeka registered to host the UEFA U19, with the initiative for the championship of 2018 to be played in Rijeka.

Addressing the media during the visit Davor Šuker, Dean Šćulac and Dorotea Pešić Bukovac stated:

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