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The president of CFF visited the construction site

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The President of the Croatian Football Federation  Davor Šuker has visited the construction site of the future training camp of the HNK Rijeka, and during his visit has announced a significant financial support to the project. 

Five member reception committee comprised the vice president of the Croatian Football Club Rijeka Dean Šćulac,  Head of the Department of Sports and Technical Education of the City of Rijeka Igor Načinović, Presidentof the City Council Dorotea Pešić Bukovac and Miroslav Uljan, president of the  Croatian Football Federation for the County Primorsko-goranska, and the secretary Ivan Peraić.

CFF  donates one million Euro for the construction project 

In addition to providing support throughout the project, and praise to Rijeka as a positive example of creating quality requirements for training of all generations, and the first team, creating the infrastructure of the stadium for the match play, before a large audience of Rijeka, during the visit was announced the investment of CFF in the construction project in the amount of one million euro.

The investment is based on earlier inaugurated initiative for creating of a center in Zagreb and regional centers throughout Croatia. Rijeka becomes a regional center in which to invest the funds to build infrastructure in order to achieve the required quality conditions for the development of young players, which is the main goal of the construction project.

Rijeka registered to host the UEFA U19, with the initiative for the championship of 2018 to be played in Rijeka.

Addressing the media during the visit Davor Šuker, Dean Šćulac and Dorotea Pešić Bukovac stated:

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