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The president of CFF visited the construction site

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The President of the Croatian Football Federation  Davor Šuker has visited the construction site of the future training camp of the HNK Rijeka, and during his visit has announced a significant financial support to the project.  Five member reception committee comprised the vice president of the Croatian Football Club Rijeka Dean Šćulac,  Head of the… Opširnije »

Preparatory works started

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On Monday, 15th September 2014 on the site of the future training camp, the preparatory field works of forming a platform for future construction have started. Namely, the construction permit for the mentioned works was issued on 22nd August 2014, and on today’s date became final, which means that the specific works of preparing the… Opširnije »

Stand D sold out

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Tickets for the stand D for the Supercup match between NK Rijeka and GNK Dinamo are sold out.Tickets for other stands are still being sold until the end of the day, both individually and in sets. NOTE: The department for ticket sets sale WILL NOT BE OPEN on the matchday.

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60 years of the name Rijeka

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History is long and interesting, and it is such that it makes every supporter of Rijeka feel proud. It lasts since one hot July night in 1946.  After the horrors of the Second World War, along with the present debt of the legendary Fiumana two dozen people discussed the future of Rijeka football. The conclusion… Opširnije »


The river of records

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The past football season to remember under the legendary rock, on which ten days ago the curtain was lowered after the victory over Slaven Belupo, will be remembered as one of the best in the history of the club HNK Rijeka. In addition to the second place in the championship, the winning of the Croatian… Opširnije »


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